Our large nursing center has 121 rooms where we care for seniors in the Germantown, Wisconsin, community. Our goal is to provide excellent care with outstanding clinical results for all residents.

We treat everyone with the same kindness and respect that we give our own families. With a wide range of services, a beautiful facility and expert staff, you’ll feel supported throughout your stay.

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Virginia Highlands Care & Rehab Center

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Meet the team of excellent caregivers who will ensure your every need is met. We’re proud to have an outstanding team of skilled nurses, therapists and other passionate staff.

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Medical Services at our Nursing Center

Cardiac Care

Orthopedic Rehab

Pulmonary Care

Stroke Recovery

Wound Care

We provide complete care for every resident who steps through our doors. That’s why we offer several specialty senior care services, including stroke rehabilitation and cardiac care. No matter what you need, our team is by your side to help you heal.

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A comfortable environment is just as important as the quality of your medical care. We devote much of our time and energy to making sure that our residents have everything you need. From social events to on-site services, you’ll feel right at home during your stay at Grande Prairie Care and Rehab Center.

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Let us welcome you to our family! You’ll feel right at home.


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I would recommend Virginia Highlands to anyone who needs rehab. Their rehab department is awesome and the therapists are as well. They make it fun and interesting, I never missed a session. They helped me tremendously and kept me going on my road to recovery. I came here in August of this year. I had 2 strokes in July and I’m already on my way home. All the staff at Virginia Highlands are awesome. I’m glad I came here for my rehab.         

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